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Talent 4... (T4...) is an innovative workshop programme that directly tackles one of the key issues in relation to unemployment, here in the UK and in Europe beyond. Traditionally the problem of unemployment is addressed by agencies that track available jobs and encourage unemployed people to apply, supporting them in their applications. However, there is another, complementary approach that is as valid assessing the skills and abilities of unemployed individuals and assisting them towards an accurate definition of where they could apply their talents most effectively.

Talent 4... began in prison where there are a great many young men, and somewhat less young women, who are highly pessimistic about their chances of future employment. This very pessimism acts as a disincentive towards pursuing work and an incentive to sticking with crime. Rideout evolved a programme that tackles this issue directly by helping prisoners to understand that they already have many skills and abilities which, properly directed, could assist with finding at least motivation and better still, vocation. Each participant on the course emerges with a profile of their talents and suggestions for professional territories where they might shine.

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In 2012, Rideout was successful in an application to the Leonardo Transfer of Innovation fund within the EU Lifelong Learning Programme. As a result the company is now in the process of adapting this programme with seven European partners: European Prison Education Association - Malta Branch Association "For an Active Future" - Romania Esmovia - Spain Euroform RFS - Italy EduPro - Lithuania The Centre for Promoting Lifelong Learning (CPIP) - Romania and Bulgaria Gateway ... more

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In December 2012 a first meeting was held of all the partners engaged in the Talent 4... Europe programme. This meeting was held at the Jerwood Space in South London where an outline of the programme along with the two-year calendar of events, was presented by Rideout. The two directors of Rideout will shortly be travelling to partner countries in order to train facilitators and teachers keen to use the T4... programme with their constituencies. Beneficiaries will include prisoners, unemployed people, those with special needs and recent graduates. ... more


Forthcoming Events

26 February to 1 March 2013 - Facilitator Training, Sliema, Malta   10 - 13 March 2013 - Facilitator Training, Timisoara, Romania   11 - 14 March 2013 - Facilitator Training, Constanta, Romania ... more

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So what is talent? Talent is understood here to be a learned aptitude either for self-expression or for completing tasks within a certain field of activity. Can we be any more specific about how or why certain talents have developed? Unsurprisingly this is hard to find an easy answer for. However, following the line of argument pointed to by the research, we can identify a number of causative factors which may inform whether or not talents develop:Context, i.e. the culture of the family or social environment within which the individual has come of age ... more

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