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Since our last e-bulletin we have now completed all the training visits to our partners, and the DVD resources are available in 6 EU languages. The next stage involves partners trialling the workshop with target groups including prisoners, juevnile offenders, young people on foreign mobility programmes and the longer-term unemployed.

Photos from the courses are available on the Wall and via our programme Facebook page.


The Origin of Talent

The notion of talent is a somewhat contested one. Prior to the age of psychology, in which we now live, it was generally assumed that talent was a consequence of luck or a divine intervention. In fact many throughout the world still take this view. I recently asked a group of European prison education staff what they thought of the notion of talent. Did you inherit it from your parents, for example? This is a very popular idea, that there are genes passed from parent to child that somehow embody a facility with music or science or design or working for the benefit of others (a popular belief amongst those who advocate for the maintenance of a caste or slave system). Some in the group were drawn to this theory. Or is it something to do with the atmosphere of the ... more

ESMOVIA Course 1

Programme Update

At time of writing, we have now visited all partner countries and led training with each partner group. We're now looking forward to hearing back how each partner group has got on with their pilot programmes. We believe it's important to run these as close as possible to the training because obviously as time goes on the exercises and the resources will start to become less familiar. However, we're very happy ... more

Hyatt logo

Advanced Notice - Final Project Conference

We have now arranged for our concluding conference event to take place at the Hyatt Hotel in Birmingham between 21 and 24 July 2014. Both accommodation and events will take place in the Hyatt, which is one of the most prestigious hotels in the city and placed right in the centre, close to the railway station and the Birmingham Repertory Theatre. Details of the programme and how to attend will be available early next year. ... more

Prisoner's Dilemma

Extract from the Talent 4 Manual - Prisoner's Dilemma

One of the most popular games within the T4 Resources is called Prisoner's Dilemma. It challenges participants to demonstrate various strategic thinking skills, awareness of others and a preference for tackling problems either alone or with others. The exercise is partly based on game theory &ndash you can find out more here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prisoner's_dilemma and also on the childrens game ... more

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Further Information

If you would like further information on the Talent 4 Europe project or details of how Talent 4 could help your client group, please contact admin@rideout.org.uk ... more

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