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Talent 4... has already been evaluated within its UK context by the Centre for Applied Criminology at Birmingham City University. The principle findings were as follows:

Talent 4... is intended for those who feel themselves somewhat adrift, who are lacking direction. It works from the premise that self-knowledge is an aid to that process of finding vocation. In this way it has a wide scope for application; it is not UK-centric. Nor does it require for the learner to have English as a first language. The programme does not even depend on numeracy or literacy as a precondition for participation. Hence its suitability for transference between national borders and across age ranges.

  • Talent 4... significantly increases confidence in the ability to tackle the challenges of finding work in the future.
  • Talent 4... directly challenges negative cycles, increasing aspirations and confidence about work and employment.
  • Talent 4... significantly increases individual's knowledge and understanding about their strengths and weaknesses in relation to work and employment.
  • Talent 4... helps produce the right conditions for offenders to go on and achieve what is important for them.
  • Talent 4... increases the value placed on achievement of future career prospects.
  • Talent 4... provokes participants into in-depth consideration of their own skills and abilities.

A copy of the full evaluation is available here.

In respect of evaluation of T4E and its transference to Europe, Rideout commissioned the School of Society, Enterprise & Environment, Bath Spa University to conduct a similar research process to determine the immediate impact of the workshop within a variety of EU contexts. Details of this new evaluation are available here.