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Talent 4... is a programme devised by Rideout, a company specialising in working with offenders. The company also works widely across the fields of arts and criminal justice. The Talent 4... programme aims to assist offenders and others who are facing the challenging of finding employment, by identifying their skills and talents. This diagnostic approach proceeds from the premise that often learners are unaware of what they do well. They imagine that skills and talents are all about qualifications or work experience. We argue that skills and talents are accrued during a process of growing up whether that individual is in work or out of work, whether that individual has spent time in education or has never been to school.

Talent 4... is a three day programme which uses games, puzzles, films and discussion points to facilitate a process at the end of which the facilitators can give an assessment to each individual of where their skills and talents lie and what kind of employment territories would be most suited for that person. It does not use tick boxes or other more traditional techniques associated with occupational psychology; instead it uses creative play and created stimuli to nudge the participants into demonstrating what they know and what they can do.

Talent 4... is a programme which potentially has a wide application; not just for those in prison but for younger people lacking qualifications or vocational direction, or for those later in life seeking a new professional direction for themselves.