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The Methodology

The means adopted to achieve the aims of the course - putting each participant in a stronger position to know and understand what skills and talents they have - have been developed by the company experientially. This means that we have created the programme by first, identifying a need for it within the context of UK prisons and second, by trying out a considerable range of techniques in order to identify those which are most effective. A process of testing over several years has led to a point where the programme is now, in 2013, relatively fixed.

Given this gestation, we have found it necessary to develop terms and concepts which best help us in these aims. While all of these terms are easily recognised, in Talent 4... we use them with a specific purpose in mind. Terms like 'Adaptation' or 'Viewpoint' are used as a means to assist the learner understand how he or she functions when approaching tasks or problems. To run the course it's essential that facilitators share these understandings which are set out in the Talent 4... manual.

Our methodology is predicated on the notion that even in crime or unemployment, an individual is acquiring skills which can have application in other contexts. The successful application of these skills most usually brings a degree of job satisfaction and contentment for the individual, underlying the benefits of an individual finding work where he or she feels most suited - and valued. Finding such work can be a major contribution towards desisting from crime and finding employment longevity.