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The Programme

The programme is devised as a three day course with two three hour sessions per day, but it can also be broken down into differently sized units. There is a further set of tasks on completion of the course, in particular inputting the results of the course into the Talent 4... Diagnostics Software Programme to realise suggestions for professional territories, which can form part of the feedback. Finally there is the feedback itself which should be given individually to each participant before being integrated into any longer term plans.

Talent 4... requires use of a resources box which contains the games, puzzles, films and audio which have been specially created for the programme. We do not use tick boxes or question-and-answer processes; rather we engage the participants in creative activities in order to discover their talents and skills. Participants do not need to read or write to participate in the programme.

Talent 4... as a programme is most effective when run in partnership between the facilitators delivering it and those who have a wider responsibility for the onward learning and employment journeys of the participants.

Talent 4... is available to be run by Rideout in a range of institutions from 2013-15. Please contact us to learn about how we might bring this programme to your prison, college or Welfare to Work context. It is also possible for us to provide training in running the programme and to supply the resources box for your use. Go to the wall to see images of the resources used in the programme.