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The Partners

EPEA - Malta

The EPEA - Malta Branch is a 'not for profit' NGO that has been active in the area of prison education and rehabilitation for many years.

The aims of the EPEA Malta Branch are:

  • To act as a recognised branch of the European Prison Education Association.
  • To promote education in prison according to the Recommendation No. R (89) 12 of the Committee of Ministers to member States of the Council of Europe (1989).
  • To support and assist the professional development of persons involved in education in prison through European co-operation.
  • To work with related professional organisations.
  • To support research in the field of education in prison.
  • To monitor and support the development of Prison Education in Malta

Education in prison' is defined as education provided for all persons who are under the supervision of the judiciary, whether sentenced or awaiting trial, and whether serving a sentence in prison or in the community.

Persons involved' are defined as all those working in the field of education in prison and in related disciplines.

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Association for an Active Future

Association "Active Future" is a Romanian non-profit organization, focused on activities designed for inmates and ex-offenders. It was a result of an EU funded project on 6 Axis - "Promoting Social Inclusion: facilitating access to the labor market of vulnerable groups and to promote a society inclusive and cohesive in order to ensure the welfare of all citizens". The scope of our work is to promote the development of individual personality and create an appropriate framework for providing specialized assistance to persons who have limited access to medical or social care, in the spirit of prevention of social marginalization.

Areas of expertise are mainly educational activities and programs, psychological counseling and training for inmates and ex-offenders. In order to attend our goals, we have a strong work experience with detainees of all categories (juveniles, youngsters, women and adults). We have implemented educational projects, vocational training, psychology programs, art therapy, social care partnerships, volunteering activities and training courses.

Our organization promotes the development of educational activities, professional training, counseling and mediation of labor in order to improve the skills and motivation of inmates to find a job after leaving the prison; in this regard we organize seminars, debates, conferences and training courses. All these activities are centered on the needs of our clients.

We believe strongly in the power of innovation, in learning partnerships organized in a multicultural environment and in exchange of best practices. Interchangeability of educational methodologies in Europe will generate stronger tools to motivate prisoners in their journey to change their lives and their behaviours.

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Esmovia is a Spanish company dedicated to the management of European mobility projects within the Lifelong Learning Programme.

We specialize in providing work placements, educational programmes and study visits to young people and adults coming from all over Europe, with the aim of improving their competences and skills.

To visit Esmovia website click here.

Euroform RFS

Euroform RFS has been operating in the vocational guidance and training field since 1996, with the main goal of working as a channelling vehicle between the labour market's supply and demand. The Association is a Training Agency officially accredited by the Government of the Calabria Region of Italy. Its main activities focus on vocational & continuous training, adult education and youth guidance, also turning particular attention to international mobility by implementing placement programs for students, young workers and post-graduates, and exchange programs for education experts and teachers.

Euroform RFS gives a huge effort in order to improve the quality and attractiveness of Vocational Education and Training (VET) not only on local but also on national level by actively participating in TOI projects and sharing the expertise and "good practice" with experienced transnational partners. With the help of transferring the innovative and non-traditional VET methods Euroform develops more effective training programmes which concert with the demands of the labour market and the needs of its trainees.

Euroform RFS has an experience in Transfer of Innovation projects as it participated in the following projects:

  1. "Soufflearning - Learning by prompting: On-the-job Training and Qualification for Small and Micro-sized Enterprises", Conv. N. DE/10/LLP-LdV/TOI/147321
  2. "LEBEBO- Learn to Become Your Own Boss", Conv. N. CZ/10/LLP-LdV/TOI/134003
  3. "T4E - Talent 4... Europe", Conv. N. UK/12/LLP-LdV/TOI-594
  4. "New Competences for VET professionals to shift to using learning outcome contracts and on-Line Learning Management Systems", Conv. N. LLP/LdV/TOI/2012/IRL-501

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VsI Edukaciniai Projektai

VsI EDUKACINIAI PROJEKTAI (NGO EDUCATIONAL PROJECTS) was established in Lithuania in 2010 for the purpose to promote, develop and implement principles of life-long study programme, non-formal education, in range of social and professional skills improvement; to create programmes of non-formal education for professionals working in the range of social integration and socialization; organize training, prepare and implement national and EU projects in range of social welfare rising and to participate actively in the creating process of civil society based on knowledge.

To visit VsI Edukaciniai Projektai website click here.

The Center for Promoting Lifelong Learning - CPIP

The Center for Promoting Lifelong Learning - CPIP is a nongovernmental and nonprofit institution, active in the educational and social field. Our institution aims to promote the culture of lifelong learning throughout the active involvement of all community members in developing a coherent strategy for implementing the concept and practice of "learning throughout life". This strategy represents the success factor for the transition of the Romanian society towards a Knowledge Era. In this context, LLL is no longer a mere aspect in the education and training system, but it's cornerstone, basic ground for future pathways. Consequents to this philosophy, we intend to channel our entire activity towards creating a viable alternative in developing lifelong learning community.

CPIP is committed to mainstreaming the principle of equal opportunities for women and men into the public policies and associated practices, as an integral part of democratization and the creation of an open society, in order to re-define the status and improve the condition of women in Romania. We support initiatives and run programs and projects that aim at raising awareness within the Romanian society in regards to women's present condition and the role they can and must play in the social development of our country.

To visit The Center for Promoting Lifelong Learning - CPIP website click here.

Bulgaria Gateway

Bulgaria Gateway is a Bulgarian company part of European Training Network Group which is concerned with the planning and management of international mobility and training projects for young students, teaching staff, young workers and organisations within the Lifelong Learning Programme , especially Leonardo da Vinci and Erasmus.

As an intermediary organisation, we receive participants from all over Europe and we organise for them work placements in different vocational areas. Bulgaria Gateway also organises language courses, professional visits, seminars and socio-cultural programmes.

Our mission is to provide educational experiences and quality programmes in territories that, given their economical, historical and social characteristics, make it possible to increase the beneficiaries' careers prospects and personal prosperity. According to the mission, our agency in Sofia - the capital of Bulgaria, is a real Gateway to Learning, where it is possible to link the organisations and individuals' needs with the know-how and social life of the territory.

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Rideout (Creative Arts for Rehabilitation) is a small NGO based in Stoke-on-Trent, UK. Since 1999 the company has established a strong reputation for developing innovative arts-based approaches that tackle issues related to crime and social justice.

The company's work is split between projects that focus on work with prisoners where the aim is to challenge and assist participants in moving away from criminal lifestyles, and programmes that engage the wider public in discussion and debate about the form and function of criminal justice.

Rideout is the lead promoter for T4E.

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